Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Bow To Stern a better protectant and sun block than other products on the market?

A: The BTS chemistry addresses all of the major areas that accelerate deterioration of gelcoat and painted surfaces. The ultraviolet band of solar radiation is the greatest problem. The process of photo-initiation causes chemical changes in a micro-thin layer of gel coat on a boat's surface, while photo-oxidation actually degrades the molecules of the surface. The sunlight, along with reactive atmospheric compounds, will degrade, discolor and make gel coat or paint finishes look chalky and dull. This is the result of the surface literally being burned away one molecule at a time. While traditional hard waxes or polishes will shine gel coat, their UV protection is very limited and wears off easily. The key is to provide active UV protection for an extended period of time. BTS utilizes proprietary advanced UVA and UVB blockers to shield the surface from photo-initiated oxidation. BTS forms a micro thin protective film that holds these UV blockers in place on the surface that provides durable long-term protection from the effects of this UV exposure. BTS increases gel coat gloss and slickness and provides reflective and anti-static properties. The anti-static agents in BTS reduce the amount of dust and dirt that accumulate and contaminate surfaces.


Q: The directions for Bow To Stern say that 3 coats are needed for maximum protection, why 3 coats?

A: Our tests have shown that it takes 3 coats to achieve optimal protection. Customers with newer boats will get fantastic results with 1 or 2 applications. Since we don't know the condition of the craft being protected with BTS, we recommend the optimal situation. You will notice that the finish just keeps getting better with each subsequent application of BTS.


Q: You advertise that BTS can be used on any surface of my boat. How is that possible?

A: Not only can it, but BTS should be used to protect all the surfaces of your boat. Remember that most of the parts of your boat are made out of plastics (polymers) of one type or another. Fiberglass, vinyl, and marine carpet are all made of some form of plastic and they all positively react with the protective polymers in BTS. It is similar to the effects one experiences when using a moisturizer with sunscreen on your skin The BTS formula protects these surfaces from the damaging rays of the sun with the industry's highest sunscreen protection. It also protects and reinforces the plasticizers that are built into the product that keep that surface looking new. BTS's built-in plasticizers may also help rejuvenate many lightly weathered surfaces with regular use.


Q: My boat finish looks dull and chalky. I have been told that the gelcoat is oxidized. If I use BTS will it get rid of the chalkiness?

A: Unfortunately no. BTS is the best product of its kind on the market, but it will not raise the dead. It will improve the look of oxidized gelcoats. There is help though, gelcoats in many cases can be machine buffed with compounds that will remove oxidation and return the finish close to its original luster. Using BTS after this restoration process will really help keep the finish looking great for many more years.


Q: The directions for Bow To Stern say to use a synthetic cloth or foam sponge to apply BTS to my boat. Why is this necessary?

A: It is only a recommendation that you use these items to apply BTS. The polymers in BTS love to attach themselves to natural fibers like cotton, wool, paper products, cellulose sponges, etc. It won't hurt to apply BTS with any of these items but you will be locking a lot of the BTS's polymers in the applicator and they won't reach the intended surface. Basically, we want you to get the best results possible out of your purchase of BTS. You can buy synthetic sponges at most dollar stores or you can buy them from us at the BTS store.


Q: Do you recommend any particular type of cloth to use for wiping down my boat's finish?

A: Yes. While any soft, clean cloth will do. Try to use the new micro fiber cleaning cloths that are available at most auto stores and Wal Mart. They work really work well at picking up dirt without scratching the surface.


Q: I have used waxes on my boat in the past. Will BTS work over the prior wax?

A: Yes. You may actually notice a wax like residue that will appear on gelcoat and painted surfaces after the first application of BTS has dried. This is the old wax and other contaminants actually being lifted out of the surface pores. BTS will actually super clean the microscopic valleys of the surface. This waxy residue may seem a little hard to wipe off initially, but not to worry. Simply rinse the surface down with water and towel dry, or wipe it with a damp clean cloth. Remember to turn the cloth to a clean side often during this process. This will leave a long lasting beautifully shinny finish.


Q: I have noticed that the colors of my gelcoat seem to look deeper and richer since I started using BTS how is this possible?

A: No doubt. Remember that BTS deep cleans the pores of the surface you apply it to. Removing the microscopic dirt and gunk brings out the natural colors of your boat's finish and leaves a deep "wet" look.


Q: Your directions say to apply BTS every month. I applied 2 coats over 3 months ago and the boat still looks great. Should I be applying it more often?

A: That is really up to the individual. We make this recommendation only because we don't know the condition of your boat or the environmental conditions you operate it in. We have many customers that tell us that they only reapply BTS every 4-6 months and many of these reports come from people that run on the Florida coast.


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