BTS Application Instructions

BTS is a superior protectant for:

Gel-Coat, Plastic, Fiberglass and Metal Surfaces, Tiled & Painted Surfaces, Vinyl Upholstery, Fishing Equipment and Live Wells, Virtually all durable surfaces.



BTS will protect surfaces with the highest UV blockers in the industry. BTS will provide a stain resistant, durable finish to gel coat, plastics and painted surfaces. BTS will protect Vinyl, Canvas, Eisenglass, Leather and Carpet from the damaging effects of sunlight, mold and mildew staining and bacterial smells. Use BTS Formula I on all surfaces.


For best results follow these instructions:

  1. Pre-clean soiled area with BTS Ultra-Clean, BTS Boat Wash or other appropriate cleaner and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Shake contents before applying.
  3. Spray lightly onto surface in 2 square foot areas at a time.
  4. Wipe into surface with synthetic cloth or sponge (to conserve BTS spray onto sponge/cloth wipe onto surface).
  5. Be sure to get BTS into vinyl folds and seat piping to provide ultimate protection.
  6. Wipe glossy surfaces with soft clean dry cloth to desired shine.
  7. Broadcast BTS into closed storage areas to eliminate musty odors in minutes.
  8. Repeat every 30 to 60 days or as desired.


Note: Use of chlorine based or harsh cleaners can remove BTS protection and can potentially damage many surfaces. The use of these cleaners is not recommended.

BTS is the preferred protectant of the following boat manufacturers:


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