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I have a vinyl cover for my swim spa and could not find anything that was not oil or acid based. An e-mail inquiry to BTS confirmed for me that I did not need to worry about either of these two problems, and that BTS was a safe and effective product for me to use. And...boy was it! After getting oil in the spa from past products and spending nearly a month trying to clear up the milky water I was amazed at how fresh, clean, and clear my water became after using your product, and how fresh, clean and rain repellent my spa cover is now! I will never use anything else from now on, I promise! :)


Pasco, WA

I love this product , my boat shines like the top of the crysler building. Im always getting compliments on how shiney and new my boat looks. Thank you fora great product.



I was given this product by one of our sailing crew to use on the bottom of our sailboat that sits on a hoist ready to race. We put it over the VC Offshore antifouling paint with ease and found a nominal speed difference in the drifter situations. It has also protected the bottom coat as well. I keep it here by the gallon, thanks



I have an entire shelf in my shop with partially used marine cleaning junk that will be replaced with BTS . I was searching the net for my next mistake and found some testimonials on BTS protectant. I read for a while and said well those people probably work there. I took a chance and ordered a 32 oz. Bottle of it. I have a 1986 glasstrem cutlass ski boat.This boat was beautiful when I bought it in 2000 but it had started to oxidize and lose its shine. I put a coat of BTS on it exactly the way the directions said and noticed a big difference, remember this is a 25 year old boat. I followed up with two more coats and my boat is beautiful again. If this product wont clean your boat then it is in bad shape. I see absolutely no reason to ever buy another marine cleaning product when this one works this well. I am going to use it on the wife's black trailblazer this week.


Tallulah, LA

I have used BTS for several years on our boats with great success against the elements both in fresh and salt water. Probably the biggest use here in south florida where it really shines is protecting your vehical against the destructive punishment from "Love Bugs" With a weekly treatment of BTS to the front of the truck, the love bugs will just not stick. Arriving home, just a quick hit with a graden hose and they are all off. Without BTS, you are looking at severals hours work to remove them and save the finish from damage that they cause. I won't leave the driveway without it. Thanks for a great product.


Clewiston, FL

Makes old cars look new. Gives a shine that's a foot deep. Unbelievably easy to apply even in the sun. Try doing that with other products. Saves you half the time from using other available products. Also use to put on the plastic and rubber trim without white streaking. You can even do your wiper blades with it. I am a very pleased customer.


South Bend, IN

This stuff is great just received mine and put the first coat on my boat and wow is all I can say. My boat is only a year old but shines better than when I bought it brand new last year.


Livingston, TX

This is great stuff. Only need to spray the entire boat with one product, let dry and wipe clean. Great shine and lasting protection. I have had more good things said about my boat since using this product. Also a great product to clean the livewell area. Takes care of the stains and swell. Ron


North Little Rock, AR

I bought a 1997 Stratos from my wife's grandfather and the boat stayed on the water for years, and in the sun too. I brought the boat home put a couple on coats of BTS on it. I fished a tournament out of it and the guys in my club thought I had bought a brand new boat. This product it amazing, makes oil stains, and muddy water stain easier to remove. GREAT STUFF. I THANK YOU AND IF MY BOAT COULD SAY THANK YOU IT WOULD.


Bishop, GA

I have no idea what this stuff is, but it freakin' works. We've used it on the front of the camper, you know, where all the bugs in the world go "SPLAT". A few coats of BTS and the front of the camper, and the entire camper, is much easier to clean. It's so easy to clean now that the bugs almost slide off with just pressure from the hose. No joke. BTS is some amazing stuff. Oh yeah, it works pretty good on you boat, too.


Mayflower, AR

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