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I bought my first bottle of BTS 2 weeks ago. I used it this weekend on my boat. This stuff is incredible ! The only way it could be easier to use is if someone did it for me ! I used it on my boat gelcoat, windshield, motor cowling, and seats. I am totally impressed. Better than any wax or polish I've ever used. Slick and shiny !! I will be ordering more. I will be telling my friends to get some. Love it ! Love it ! Love it !



I started using waxes and shine products during the late 1950's. I have never used anything as good as BTS. The product goes on so easy and lasts a long time. I have used BTS for over four years now. I have given samples to friends to try and they all say the same thing.WOW, this stuff is amazing!! It works on almost anything that you want to shine and protect. Call this toll free number (1-877-221-9797) and order BTS, you will be glad you did. This is like no other protectant you have ever used. Indiana JAKE, Potage,IN

Dwayne (Jake)

Portage, IN

I bought this for my boat last year and the stuff is great on the boat. When I contacted you with questions, you gave me the idea to use it also on my truck interior and it also works good there too. Ok, so now we bought a new Micro Wave with stanless steel panels on front door and trim. Because of finger prints on this surface, I gave it 3 coats of BTS and BINGO they either don't show up or if they do just a wipe with a towel and they are gone. Really a great Product and I will be a user for ever. I can't beleive on the boat how water line just wipes off. GREAT STUFF !!!! Thanks.


Slinger, WI

Just wanted to tell youhow impressed I am with BTS. I have a farm equipment dealership and had a severly oxided tractor and BTS restored it like new. I have some pics that you can see the difference before and after shots. An amazing product. I have contacted our Parent Company AGCO to inquire into distributing the product as dealer product offering. It's so simple and easy to use and think Farmers would use to protect the value of their equipment.


I just want to thank you for developing BTS. My boat is 11 months old, has been kept inside and cleaned regularly since I drove it off the lot. I have put 2 coats of the initial three and cannot belive how much better it looks that it looked new. I have already recommended it to all of my buddies especially the ones with glass boats. BTS is the best protectant I have ever used. Wish I had before and after picks of my boat. BTW it's a 2008 Z-9, my first high performance boat. I will never be without BTS.


Shreveport, LA

I recently used BTS on my 2009 Skeeter iClass. This stuff is amazing. Prior to use I would have to spend hours cleaning/detailing my boat after fishing in the Red River (Louisiana). I went fishing, stayed late and didn't have the opportunity to even spray my boat off. The next morning I got up and was amazed, you couldn't even tell that I had put her in the water! No scum line, no red stain, just a clean shining hull. I washed it anyway, basically just a rinse and reapplied the BTS once again (I know I didn't have to yet) just to insure it would come out as clean when I fish Toledo Bend this weekend. This is a great product for a tournament fisherman, who has to maintain a boats appearance for his sponsors. (who wants to sponsor something that is dirty?) I will recommend this product to all who will be fishing with me and those fishing in our team tournaments. Two products that are winners! BTS and KVD Line & Lure.



I live in NY and the weather was nice for once on 3/15 so I decided to uncover my Skeeter Bassboat from the tarp where it slept all winter.I noticed how dirty it looked from sitting under the tarp.Since my sprinklers werent on yet to give it a soap bath I decided to give it a quick wipe down with my new BTS. I was so amazed of what it did and how well it cleaned the top cap that I turned it into a two hour cleaning extravaganza.I literally got so into it I did the whole boat.I called several friends to come look at my boat and they actually thought I had it detailed.The boat looks like it rolled off the showroom floor.I did everything from the hull/seats/dash/windscreens you name it.Thank you BTS for making my boat hot.


Bluepoint, NY

I just tried your BTS product on my 05 Triton. WOW. I thought my boat looked pretty good before I used this stuff. Now it looks brand new again. I love this stuff. I got a bottle of this at an MBC Pro/Am here in Arizona and this is the only thing I'll put on my boat for now on. Thanks for such a great product.



I just wanted to say that I have used Bass Boat Saver for a few years. I tried BTS a while back and realy like it... BTS is much better...Thanks for coming up with a great product.



BTS is the best thing for my boat other than water!!!!!(it even says so on the label)!!! After giving my boat a good cleaning, I applied BTS from bow to stern and motor included and made over 10 trips to several different lakes and didn't even have to use a rag to remove any scum lines!!!!! Not only that, my boat shines brighter and deeper than being on the showroom floor. Great product!!!!


Villa Rica, GA

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